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Double Gas Cylinder Rotatruck

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Awarded ‘Best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue‘ by NSW Work Cover Safe Work Award in 2009.

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Double Gas Cylinder Rotatruck

The Double Gas Cylinder Rotatruck was specifically developed to improve safety and productivity in the utility material handling industry and is the easiest, quickest and safest way to handle multiple heavy and gas cylinders. The support bars make the Rotatruck suitable for single and multiple cylinder loads and transportation. It additionally secures the load and can be assembled in a high and low position. The higher position allows secure and safe transportation of up to two large gas cylinders (G/G2). Located in the lower position the wave bar offers flexibility and secures mixed loads of different sized cylinders.

It’s ergonomic design minimises repetitive pull back and user effort. The All Terrain wheel base, with puncture proof micro-cell foam rear wheels, navigates with ease through rough surfaces and is applicable for nearly every environment. This self-supporting hand truck provides easier, quicker and safer movement of goods and other loads which leads to improved productivity, reduced costs and reduced injuries.

Rotatrucks specifically address issues of traditional hand truck use that often results in workplace injury. Rotatrucks go over kerbs and obstructions without reversing and allows continual forward movement during operation making them extremely time efficient and productive. They ease handling, reduces risk of injuries, increases productivity and handling speed and provides an immediate return on investment. Its key to success is the award winning self supporting multi-directional and highly maneuverable four wheeled base.

  • Aluminium Curved Frame
  • Self Supporting Wheelbase
  • 250mm Puncture proof foam filled rear wheels
  • 360 degree maneuverability
  • Double D-Loop handle
  • Cast nose
  • Support arms included
  • Safety Strap included
  • Improves workplace safety, reduces costs and enhances productivity
  • Reduced fatigue and risk of strain injuries
  • Increased ease of handling and transporting speed
  • Fully supports the load and leaves hands free
  • Doesn’t require balancing or pull back
  • Levers a load rather than lifts it
  • Eases handling on inclines or in confined spaces
  • Australian Made

Requires some assembly.

Frame Width: 500mm
Handle Height: 1700mm
Toe Dimensions: 355 x 305mm
Weight: 18kgs
Load capacity: 230 Kg

The Rotatruck range was Awarded ‘Best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue‘ by NSW Work Cover Safe Work Award in 2009.

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Weight 50 kg


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